Is this life all you’ve hoped for?

I’m currently on route to Berlin, I’ve spent the last week in one of my favorite cities on Earth. I caught up with friends and of course met new ones. Now I’m on route to Berlin. I’ve come to certain realizations as I’m leaving.

  1. I really don’t give a f*ck about the city I currently reside in: the further away I am the better. I can’t be bothered to read the news about that place, and honestly I don’t want anything to do with it. For me, there’s nothing to cultivate or nurture. I’m not a fan of endless nothingness and more nothingness.
  2. I need to work harder: as things are standing, I realized the best thing I can do at the moment is to enjoy my summer adventures, learn as much as I can, strengthen my skillset and then set off and try and try again, so much so that I can not give a f*ck about my current homebase. I realize how important this is, how my friends are all struggling in some ways, no matter which great city of the world they reside in. The struggle is universal. Learn to live with it.
  3. I’m the one I need: not exactly an realization, but I’m at that point of my life where I’d rather be alone and do great work than being distracted by anything else. While the cities I’m visiting this summer has a lot to offer, I realized the work I still need to do must be done alone. I realized my productivity diminished to zero since I hit the road. This is going to change. I have a 3 hours wait time at the airport later. Time to crack open books and get working.

What have you been up to lately?

We’re already in February?

Geesh, where do the time go?

For me, time has been spent back in school. Yes, school.

While I was skeptical of returning to school at first, now, I can say I’m really glad that I did it regardless of how much I might complain about the workload.  Of course, the reasoning behind everything still hasn’t changed.

“I need to get somewhere. I need to be somewhere else other than here.”

While I’m devoting all my time on acquiring new skill sets, I’m also opening new doors to experiences and modifying a couple of life plans according to new knowledge that I’d acquired.

Take home point though:

“Learning is fun, we should all do more of it.”