Why you must try new things

Old friends, new connections.

I’m here sitting at a café on the last day of my stay here in Berlin. Time passed way too fast here, and you could say this is because I’m having too much fun, but I can also say, after visiting this particular city on 4 particular occasions already, things are way less interesting than the first few times.

There are so many things I’ve seen in the city, and I’ve begun to remember the streets and where everything is. Suddenly, it’s not so interesting anymore. But that is not to say, this city has more charm than others.

And that’s when you need to get out there and seek out new experiences.

Or else, I realized. Any city would be boring.

Berlin is a nice city to be. It is very vibrant. It isn’t like North America where everything are so distant and far and those distances must be conquered by personal cars. Over here, one could easily hop on the many modes of transportation, the U-Bahn (underground), S-Bahn (train), or one of the trams and busses – you’ll get to where you need to be in around 20 minutes or so.

I’ve been lucky enough to stay in the vibrant Center of Berlin, where walking home at 2AM in the morning and you’d still people out on the streets drinking their beers and smoking.

There’s life here that you wouldn’t experience elsewhere.

With that said, through my friends I’ve also met many new connections here, many of whom are incredibly intelligent and inspirational. I’m also incredibly surprised how well I was able to resolve some personal issues as well, rather than focusing on what I can’t change at the moment, I’m gearing myself up for the moment and what could be done.

What can I say. Overall, this trip was therapeutic and productive in its own way. A nice city break.


When you realize life is beautiful.

Ok, as promised, here’s the longer post on the trip thus far.

What can I say: everytime I’m away from home it’s an adventure, an exploration. I always discover new things I would’ve never discovered if I stayed home. I would of course go explore new places, but sometimes, I go back to places where I’ve already been but still discover new things about the place and of course within myself.

As everything stands, each second in this city (and this continent) in general is making every cell in my body alive. I can only say that staring at the cityscapes I’ve missed so much makes all those 12 plus hours working a day worth it. I can’t say much about anything else in life that makes me this happy, being around people I love and in a city that reminds me of my actual home.

Now with that said, I also noticed a harsh truth: no matter where you are, the struggle will be the struggle. The struggle is universal. I can say this from visiting my friends whom more or less are all around my age (millennials) and contrary to popular belief we’re all busy either working or studying or doing both or juggling with our own business ventures – yeah, we’re all busy bettering ourselves and our situations, no matter which city in the world we reside in.

The work is never done. And quite frankly, I find the friends that I’m with would agree with me. There’s always something to do, something to improve upon. And therefore, life might be challenging, but it would never get boring for us.

I would also like to remind myself and those that find themselves in my shoes (because I know this is also common), if you ever wake up angry, frustrated, depressed or just unmotivated – remember that every second of the day that you spend angry or resentful or in a negative state is a second wasted. Sure, I get it. There are times when it’s hard to turn off those emotions – but you must remember and laser focus on your journey and your goal. Remember where you want to be, rather than be distracted by the right now – live for the vision that you have in your mind rather than the circumstances you find yourself in currently. I know I’ll need that reminder for when I get back to my current ‘homebase’ (which I absolutely despise). Make it possible for yourself to find peace, with your vision in mind, push for the reality that you’d imagined. 



Greetings from Berlin

I’m back in Berlin. Having caught up with a few of my friends in the past three days, it really feels good to be back. The old cobblestones and side street cafés are a nice break from North America’s concrete and franchise chains. I especially love that the cafés play techno music (which is pretty much my workflow music anyways). I have much to update on in the next post and preferably when the laptop isn’t at 16%. This is a quick check in. Greetings from Berlin!

What would your life look like?

I’m sitting in a busy food court as I write this.

I figured, since I have a few moments to spare after eating a small bowl of delicious Pho from the Vietnamese place here.

It’s my work break and as per usual, I’m not very engaged.

My mind keeps wandering off.

And I keep unmatching people I match with on Tinder.

I am seeing a trend here.

All the boring scenes.

So I thought – what would your life look like without the boring scenes you don’t even use much brain cells to process anymore? I began to think back to the times when I was feeling the most engaged and the times that passed by in a blur. 

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw.

In conclusion, however impulsive and crazy the last three years has been – it as also been the most candid, the most intense and the most exciting (though I can’t say it’s been the most happy, since there were definitely a lot of tears shed as well).


Because, one, I realized to honor the feeling that you’re unhappy with what you’ve known all your life and want something else is healthy.

And two, it gave me much clarity on what I need to do and plan accordingly.

Three, this is entirely my own decision.

I am in control of my own life.

So the take home point is: do the exercise, think of all the times you’ve been the most engaged.

What did those moments look like?

And what’s stopping you from doing that again?

You’ll be surprised with what you might come up with.

What to do if you’re supremely unhappy.

I didn’t mean to start this post.

Nor start the 3AM Coffee with a frozen waffle coming out of the toaster, but the logic behind it is – I needed some way to quiet my mind finally and bridge the gap between my hot coffee and the time that my head hit the pillow again for my coffee nap.

I would be needing to get up very soon for work and frankly I don’t want to.

Yes, yet again, back at it again, in the same loophole.

Everyday I feel like screaming. There’s so much to get done. There’s work, people I answer to, and me asking myself where all the time went (hah, work), and then the uncomfortable google search for flights out, then it loops back all over again.

Yeah. It’s still like this.

And every time I come back, I like it less and less.

And I can tolerate it less and less.

This place never changes, but I have and so much.

So what to do if you’re supremely unhappy, other than “just suck it up” for the moment?

The answer is probably not that sweet waffle with too many coffee sweeteners, or that bottle of wine which went down too quickly. Consuming unnecessary things to make oneself feel better is not a solution to the problem. I’ve done it too many times to count – and afterwards, I feel worse because I never needed those things to begin with.

So you live and you learn right?

But how to stop the thoughts from coming when you turn off the light? And how to stop this post from getting longer, especially now that it is 3:30AM? Maybe I just don’t want to be awake for my job tomorrow because I think my job deserves 1% of my brain power and 99% of me could be sleeping at work – do you ever feel this way? I guess my job satisfaction scores are non-existent.

Am I excited to go back to school though? Hell yes.

Am I excited to lose my freedom and pay the fees though? Hell NO!

But I am excited because it is as of finally I have something to prove rather than just going through the motions – that’s what I hate.

Going through the motion with no emotion.

Going through the motion with no meaning.

It is all meaningless.

I’d rather be leaning on the window sill of some apartment in Berlin and smoking my lungs out.

Oh the things I would like to do at this very moment right now.

But they’re elusive and only just a wish.

But then I remember, I wonder if I’m truly alone in this state.

The situation could always be worse off.

Thinking about it, if my acceptance letter back into University didn’t show up in my inbox the night I was returning home from Europe, I wouldn’t even know what to do next. What to do now.

When I saw that email I really thought, “wow…this must be a sign of some sort.”

A chance and at least I have that to look forward to.

A way out of here, finally.

What does it mean to have a goal ?

“Don’t waste time.”

“Don’t stop until you get there.”

“Ignore everything else.”

These three things are what I’m gearing up to when I return home mid-June. I already know there are a billion things I must deal with when I get back, and I know that while I’d rather not, it is necessary.

I know full well that if I don’t deal with what’s really bothering me back home then I’d never have the chance to move forward fully and that is true with every other problem.

One cannot flee from what is bothering them if the bother follows after.

It is necessary to deal with the current, put that in the past and then never look back again.

If the premise is not met, then the chapter is half written – unfinished.

Therefore the gap, even when the chapter is finished, will come back and haunt you.

The only way to prevent this from happening is go back and put an end to the storyline that no longer serves the overall story but wastes ink all the same.

Go back and close that chapter.

So you can be fully prepared to start a new one.

Having a goal meaning have a vision, a purpose, and not stopping, until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Amsterdam: The perfect city and what it all means.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be out and about in Amsterdam once more. One might expect it was all a fairytale moment, with the sun peeking through the clouds and the birds singing and in the distance there’s Prince Charming galloping on his steed to meet me…or something along the lines of that.

It wasn’t as if I haven’t anticipated this moment enough.

Stepping off from the train at Centraal, I was excited. But I was also aware that it was dark, gloomy, and raining. There has been several thunderstorms over the weekend in the place I’m staying, just a little under an hour away. So, I wasn’t exactly expecting any different. Oh and of course, it was also windy as hell.

Shitty weather? Check.

Still, I was excited as ever.

After all, I was here in April? Hah.

I skipped off the train and headed into the city. The central station is as I remembered, as is everything else – except it was covered up all in a shade of clammy greyness from the weather – I went ahead and started to run errands in the city I was just reacquainted with, then I found a work-cafe I’d been eyeing online and went there to caffeinate, followed by some shopping and then some post-shopping falafel eating at one of my favourite falafel places before going home.

It was a very productive day indeed. Then I went home and turned on social media, seeing posts from my friends back home tagging familiar places which I don’t miss – it was as if seeing those places gave me more motivation to work hard to get out (oddly to the inner monologue of Rose in Titanic, “the same boring people, the same boring endless conversations until eternity.” ) And that’s exactly what I DON’T want in life.

And yesterday, I realized, it’s gonna take a lot more work to achieve just what I want, but also a city doesn’t have to be perfect – the reasons why you think a city is perfect, or perfect for you, is at your discretion. After all we give meaning to the narrative in our heads. What makes sense to us internally might not make sense to others externally. Yet, if that narrative in your head gives you purpose, then it is up to you to give that purpose a go and see where it leads.

Because really, what is life?

Is it destiny?

Is it destination?

Getting smart with your Morning Routine

Recently, I asked myself this question:

Now that I’m completely free at the moment – what is the one thing I would change about my morning routine, or implement one, since I don’t really have one (opps)?

There’s of course a plethora of options for change – for example, waking up early and starting the day with exercise, waking up and scribble down in a dream journal, waking up and turn on TedTalks, or waking up and start reading what you didn’t finish the night before, eating a healthy breakfast, starting the day with positivity, the list goes on.


Whatever it is, I’ve noticed that I’m much more productive when I get to start the day on my own accord.

Starting with a light reading, a TedTalk, a big mug of coffee and then getting on with my day by heading out and working in a nearby cafe.

I’ve come to realize that I should be doing this, though maybe not exactly everything I do now -but the idea is to fill your morning with something that’s exciting and thought provoking to set yourself up for the day ahead of you.

Taking a vacation in your own city

It’s May the 16th, and I’ve wrapped up at work 20 hours ago, rushed home, celebrated by sleeping and waking up at 3 AM to pack – then I’m out the door at 6 AM – pretending to be headed off to the airport so I can hop on an early train and head for the hotel that I booked for myself.

You may ask…why exactly are you doing this?

Well, I wanted to do one more thing before I give this city the death sentence.

I wanted to know what do tourists see when they head to my city?

Due to the amount of ‘glowing’ reviews I’ve received, I really wonder if its really because I needed a new perspective on things.

So why not move yourself some 1 hour away from your actual residence and live on the other side of town for a bit and see if that shakes up perspectives and reveal some new insight?

Though, I have to say, I don’t have much expectations that this 2 days excursion would change my opinion of the city. But perhaps, meeting some foreigners and seeing how they see my city would change my opinion.

Other than that. I’m excited for my upcoming trip back to Europe.


The inspiration behind working anywhere

This is a picture I took at Schloss Schönbrunn of me, well, working. My phone prompted important emails for me to answer and I thought, since I had my laptop with me, why not sit down and type it out – as it’s way faster – so there I was, sitting in front of one of the most important architectural, cultural and historical monuments in Austria and typing away.

How totally North American of me to work on “vacation”, or so my friends would say.

The thing is though, I used to dislike when I was contacted during my personal time, however now I realize that comes with any job – there are going to be emergencies, there are going to be times when there’s no choice but to plop down anywhere and deal with the situation. Instead of shrinking away from the responsibilities, one must be prepared to take care of them no matter where they were.

So if this was already the case, why couldn’t you work for yourself anywhere? The principle is the same. Only you’d be in direct line of communication with clients rather than management etc. and in which case, it might just be easier since emails are not passed on and issues could be dealt with first hand.