running in autumn, dealing with colder temperature

I live in a city with very distinct seasons and with the weather getting colder and daylight hours shorter, I’ve been less and less enthused about going outside for my usual runs.

1) colder temperature

2) rainy weather, or the ground might be wet

3) sidewalks are filled with fallen leaves, it’s gross and potentially slippery

4) add insult to injury the ‘usual’ excuses

So how do you get yourself to run outside after ‘just do it’ doesn’t quite cut it?


1) Update your running playlist: find new running music and put them on your iPod and enjoy while you jog!

2) Run somewhere you have to go to anyways, like the grocery store with a backpack, get your groceries, put them in your backpack then run back.

3) Visualize post-run effect: yes, think about how great you’d feel post run!