Have you ever had the feeling that you could be so much better than you are at your present state? That you are meant to be more than the tangibles of your present circumstances? That you could do better in life, yet somehow, you’re not?

You’re mindlessly chugging along like a train on someone else’s blueprint to destination unknown.

You live a life, not of your own.

The feeling is not unlike waking from a daydream and registering that however young or old you are, you have yet to live. That something has gone terribly amiss from the last moment you felt alive until now.

Yet, you lack the instructional roadmap that you had yet to discover.

You fear that you don’t know how, due to lack of knowledge, potential mistakes, laziness or the potential of rejection, losing everything if you don’t follow pack behavior.

Every change begins with an idea, a desire to fix what is no longer optimal. An idea of a destination, of an outcome of a circumstance that is improved – it is time to embrace change, to give into what your instinct’s been telling you all along.

At nearly twenty-five I begin this journey of self empowerment. Not foolishly young, but not yet old.

This is my story.

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  1. Thank you for writing this blog, you have a wonderful view on life and I am glad you are sharing it 🙂

    Please check out my inspirational post from a daughter starting a new chapter of her life after the loss of her father. I hope you like it: wonderfullifesite.wordpress.com

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