Your high standards should start with you

You know what sucks?


Feeling that you’re not good enough, that you’re inferior – regardless of the circumstances and the setting, your brain starts to come up with all sorts of reasons to make sense of the situation.

Rejected by a potential romantic partner? What am I not good looking enough, rich enough, good enough?

Rejected by a employer? What am I not skilled enough, talented enough, capable enough?

But sometimes those aren’t even the reasons: you could be the most gorgeous, richest, nicest person on the planet and yet still someone will have a bone to pick with you. You could be more qualified than the next candidate, however if the recruiter doesn’t see that, or felt that your personality doesn’t mesh with the company’s then it doesn’t matter how skilled you are.

It’s all relative.

However, with that said, that’s no excuse to just go ahead and “accept yourself for who you are” or whatever it is that they’re saying these days – you could always improve.

I won’t lie, there are two ways I essentially deal with ‘rejection’ in the past I curled up in a ball and cried, “how could they not like me? What’s wrong with me??” I asked myself – nowadays however, I have a different approach, rather than being offended I go home and review the situation then I work my ass off accordingly in order to improve my skills for the next time such a situation would arise. I’ve live enough years to know that situations might not be the same but the underlying circumstances will repeat itself one time or another.

Either way, set your standards high for yourself first rather than expect other people to be the answer to anything – ask yourself before asking of others – because no one else knows your struggles better than you do and no one is more qualified to give you expert advice.

And that’s my tidbit of wisdom for the month.


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