Why you fail to achieve your goals.

Goal setting, I’m sure we’re all done it, whether conscious or subconscious.

Everytime you hear yourself say, I want X by Y time, you’re setting a goal for yourself. Now, if you don’t put a time on X, then that is merely a wish.

However, often times, goals are set, but are never get realized. Why is that?

There are of course many reasons for goal hinderance, but the biggest one I’ve realized as of late is because of poor compartmentalization rather than planning itself.

You can plan an overall goal, but can you anticipate each step you need to take to make that goal successful?

Failure is often not poor planning, but poor execution. 

Life doesn’t stop and wait for you to “feel ready” to do something. Life just goes. And with that said, so should your goal. Let’s say, if your goal is to “build a functional website in 10 days.” Then the first thing you should do is to make up a work plan, but also at the same time, divide it up in 10 days (hopefully you’ll have that 10 days to yourself, but rarely is that the case) if you don’t have the 10 days to yourself, then you got to get creative, squeeze the project in and get it done.

Now this leads me to the second part of failure.

Failure is often when you fail to sacrifice what is now, for what will be in the future. 

I’ve ran into this last week. I was just not having it, even though I had 300 million things to do. A total breakdown. I broke under pressure. And I realized, that was weakness on my part.

I should’ve just pushed personal issues aside and powered through. To be honest, a lot of things in life are once in a life time. When I think back, sure, it’s never really life or death – but, wouldn’t it be better if I gave it my all on first try and didn’t fuck up as much?

Failure is getting sidetracked and forgetting what the end goal is.

TL:DR: If your internal system decides that the present is worth more than the future then your goal wouldn’t be achieved. But, if your future depends on the sacrifices you make today – then make that sacrifice for a better future.


3 thoughts on “Why you fail to achieve your goals.

  1. I agree with all of the above. Never give up on your dreams, it’s never to late to achieve, it’s never to late to start living the life you want to live.

      1. I’ve had my fair share of those and like you said learnt, adjusted , succeeded , nice post . . .

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