Myer-Briggs Test

Here’s something I find interesting, in business class today, we had to do a personality test and since I’ve done these tests before I skipped ahead and completed the assignment which was to develop it into a spiel and present it to the classroom. For my personality type, which is INTJ, I wrote the following.


We are known as “the architects”. We view the world around us as building blocks, our blueprint is our experiences, possibilities are endless. We’re often quiet because our minds never stop churning from being ravenously curious about the world.

We work well with ideas. We see the possibilities and apply them to the world. We’re imaginative problem solvers.

In fact, I think each INTJ has their own methods of viewing a problem, dissecting a problem, then solving it. We’re logical and analytical, objective and impartial.

You can trust us with coming up with a course of action, implement it, and see it through.

Recently, someone asked me, ‘what makes you happy?’

“I want to understand things in order to improve upon what is known and possible. I want to understand things in order to achieve what is deemed unheard of and impossible.”

If you’re curious to find out what you are, you can go here:
and try out the test yourself.


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