How do you know you’re on the right track?

Ever since I’ve been back at school, I haven’t had much time to myself. My program is compact and intensive. It takes up my 9-5 hours from Monday to Friday, on top of that, I have a myriad of assignments to complete, group members to meet-up with, and needless to say, I have no idea how I made it through the first month of it while still working on the weekends…

Alas, I survived the ordeal and now I’m here.

Midterm season is upon me and I thought why not take the time to recap and reflect?

Q1. Am I happy with my program?

A1. For the most part, yes. Yes it is exhausting, but I’m also learning a lot. The people in my program are awesome! It is really as if we realize we’re in this pressurized cooker together – just trying to get done. I’m happy I went back to school, giving it a second shot. Dare I say, I’m giving myself a short-term purpose, something to focus on other than being constantly reminded how I’m nowhere I want to be.

Q2. What are some of my short-term goals / plans?

A2. Finish this semester and go travel. I’m in need of another break from where I am now in order to be inspired to get to where I want to be eventually. I also need to use my trusty camera more.

Q3. How do you know you’re on the right track?

A3. Gut feeling, or if what you’re doing now beats out all other alternative, then more likely than not you’re on the right track.

Q4. What do I wish I could improve on more?

A4. Better time management skills, having a stable sleep schedule, no more all night cramming (it’s unnecessary) cut down on my 4 cups of coffee a day habit, actually hit the gym, make more time for studying, find a side gig I can do while I’m at school, finding new ways of doing things, better ways of doing things. All sorts of things I could be improving on.

Nevertheless, the progress, the fact that I’m moving towards something gives me momentum to keep on going.

So how do you know if you’re on the right track?

Give yourself the chance to pick up momentum (it won’t be easy, most of the time it’d be hard) but again, if you really want something you will make it happen. After all, if everyone just settled for “what-is” from Day 1 there would’ve never been any inventions or innovation that improves our lives. So rather than accepting everything as “static” start asking “what-if” and then go and make it happen.


What have you been up to lately?

We’re already in February?

Geesh, where do the time go?

For me, time has been spent back in school. Yes, school.

While I was skeptical of returning to school at first, now, I can say I’m really glad that I did it regardless of how much I might complain about the workload.  Of course, the reasoning behind everything still hasn’t changed.

“I need to get somewhere. I need to be somewhere else other than here.”

While I’m devoting all my time on acquiring new skill sets, I’m also opening new doors to experiences and modifying a couple of life plans according to new knowledge that I’d acquired.

Take home point though:

“Learning is fun, we should all do more of it.”