Things I’ve already learned in 2017

Happy 2017!

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful start of the year – over here on my side of this world, I didn’t do much. I worked on New Years Eve and then on New Years Day. Not too much of a big deal really, seeing that I took Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day off to be with my family so family time was not compromised.

And, with 3 days already into the new year, I found myself with some new insights following lessons learned in 2016 .

Your Time is Precious

Yes, you’ve heard this an infinite amount of times. But whether or not you really grasp its importance is the difference between having time and not having time, achieving goals and not achieving goals. I’d been working an insane amount lately, but also mindfully. I’m aware of my physical limits, energy and otherwise. So for the next two days which I have off, I’m going to utliize my time with maximum efficiency in mind (to accomplish all the things not only needs to be done, but also the things that I want to do.)

Appreciate where you are in your journey

One thing you’re going to hear less from me this year is whining and bitching. I’ve been rereading some of my previous posts and looking back, I facepalmed myself several times. It was as if I knew nothing about hustling and had to learn how to work hard. That was my mistake – but the point is, I look back and I’m not as ashamed as I thought I would be.

Because you could say, having gone through that experience, I built up my tolerance for hardwork, bullshit, bad situations and overall adversaries.

I’ve overcome them to get to where I need to be.

It was a necessary step.

Take another example, the one that never left me since 2013.

Say the person of your dreams stood in front of you. But are you really ready for them? In 2013 it was proven ‘no’. However, despite my thinskin and continuous neurosis of everything that must’ve went wrong that had to do with myself. I don’t see it that way at all anymore – because it’s what had happened after the ultimate rejection that propelled me forward to become “better”, to become “worthy”.

So, don’t be ‘stuck’ failing at something is not final.

And if you ask me now in 2017.

Are you ready for the person of your dreams?

The answer would still be ‘no’. But this time, I know myself.

Learn from people around you

You are a body made up of unique experiences, however, you have one chronological timeline with limited experiences – but why not expand those experiences by learning from the experiences of others?

Because I work so much, I’ve been hanging out with my coworkers a lot – aside from the lunchroom banters, I’ve also been chatting with each and one of them and learning about them, but also through their unique experiences.

As the old Chinese idiom goes: three people walks, one is my teacher.

Meaning that one could and should learn from one another.

Logic wins

It doesn’t matter how you “feel”, “feelings” pass but glory and truth last forever.

Listen to the sound of your own drum

And focus on you, your goals, be diplomatic, be real, but also be unapologetically you.