What would your life look like?

I’m sitting in a busy food court as I write this.

I figured, since I have a few moments to spare after eating a small bowl of delicious Pho from the Vietnamese place here.

It’s my work break and as per usual, I’m not very engaged.

My mind keeps wandering off.

And I keep unmatching people I match with on Tinder.

I am seeing a trend here.

All the boring scenes.

So I thought – what would your life look like without the boring scenes you don’t even use much brain cells to process anymore? I began to think back to the times when I was feeling the most engaged and the times that passed by in a blur. 

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw.

In conclusion, however impulsive and crazy the last three years has been – it as also been the most candid, the most intense and the most exciting (though I can’t say it’s been the most happy, since there were definitely a lot of tears shed as well).


Because, one, I realized to honor the feeling that you’re unhappy with what you’ve known all your life and want something else is healthy.

And two, it gave me much clarity on what I need to do and plan accordingly.

Three, this is entirely my own decision.

I am in control of my own life.

So the take home point is: do the exercise, think of all the times you’ve been the most engaged.

What did those moments look like?

And what’s stopping you from doing that again?

You’ll be surprised with what you might come up with.


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