What does it mean to have a dream?

A dream isn’t something that’s real.

Read that again.

A dream is something only you can perceive and see.

You dream for yourself and no one else.

And certainly, by that you can probably guess what could be said about your dreams.

At best: “I hope you realize it.”

At worst: “Hogwash! Be realistic!”

So now, my point is – why would you need support from people to validate you to realize your dreams?

Sure, they could help you in the process. But isn’t it pointless to ask for constant validation of “I should do ABC, XYZ…so on and so forth.”

They cannot see it as you do.

Only you can see what you want, and because of that only you know what you need to do.

Of course, there can be times when a push or a nudge is necessary – but first things first, to achieve a dream one must truly apply oneself to it. And to realize it is often a solo journey paved by solitude.


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