Refocus, have a serious talk with yourself

Last night, I wrote a love letter to the city I’d just left.

I detailed reasons for this temporary separation and detailed plans for my ultimate return.

After I completed the letter, it was as if a weight has been lifted. It was permission granted from myself that I should refocus my energy on the right now, finally.

Without that letter, I wouldn’t have been able to settle down and settle into this new reality which is completely different – but I am refreshed and ready to tackle the days with enthusiasm even if everything is less than ideal.

I still went out for exercise even though it was dark and cold.

And that’s when it hit me:

If everything was going the way you wanted them to, would you still want them to?

Wouldn’t that bore you to no ends because everything is the same, day in day out?

Isn’t that what you’re trying to break away from?

You’re trying to build your life now with outmost authenticity and you have everything you need – even if you don’t think you do – but you do.

Remember as little as a month ago, you wouldn’t have just grabbed your running shoes for a run because it was storming outside, let alone would you want to leave the house even when the sun wasn’t shining.

You’d wait all day and waste all day.

Now, it’s different – you’d came back fearing that three months of loneliness was in store – but now that you’ve accepted it – you can also see the good in it.

Productive time.

Little distractions.

Time to explore and grow – but in a different way.

Here you will reach clarity and give yourself credit because you’ve always figured a way out before.

And this time with outmost clarity you shall tackle obstacles and build the life you’re proud to live.

Everything now points to you’re at your best.

You’ve never been more at ease, more forgiving, more gentle towards life.


You changed yourself for the better in this continuous journey of life.

Now it’s time to refocus and improve yourself even more so you can be who you’ve always wanted to be.


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