Back To Square One, or is it?


After my friend left, I felt sapped of energy.

It was another one of those “what to do with myself” moments.

I was again at a loss – because that nice build up of a week worth’s of routine has been disrupted, even in the simple, small things, like having dinner – cooking was no longer fun, because, you’re only doing it for yourself – therefore, it needs to be meticulous and calculated – there’s no one to finish the extras if you’ve made too much – no one to share dessert with.

There’s also no different ringtones to wake you up in the morning – no one to drag you out of bed for that ridiculously early morning run – etc. etc.

But then, you realize.

You’re at a high.

Now, you’re at a low.

Or, you’re back at the baseline, but that’s it.

So what?

You’ve been here many times before, and time after time, you got over the hurdle.

You get up and you go for that run alone.

You do what you have to do.

This is another lesson.

When you feel that you can no longer.

Show yourself that you can.

And then look back.

You will see, how far you’ve come.


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