WestJet Transatlantic Review: Cheap Flights to Gatwick

For what it was worth and for what I paid – which was around 200 USD in total, I can’t really complain – the fare was phenomenally cheap – however, now I know why. I don’t have previous Transatlantic experience with WestJet, in fact they’ve only been offering their Transatlantic flights since the beginning of May and I was eager to hop on board to see what the fuss is about, especially, how they stack up to rival European budget airlines like Norwegian Air (which by the way is one of my favorite airlines of all time).

From the start, it all looked promising, the boarding procedure went smooth, the staff were friendly and the seats were comfortable (though, the WestJet 767-300 isn’t as comfortable as Norwegian Air’s 787-800.)

However, with the WestJet base fare, things like seat selection and meals are to be bought separately – and so I ordered ahead of time a seat and a meal. Drinks too, of the alcoholic variety, are for purchase (unlike various other major airlines.)

While the seat was no problem, the meal came as a great shocker – wait, was this actually made for human consumption?

To begin with, the mashed potato was dry, the meat was rubbery, and the vegetables tasteless. The only edible thing in there was probably the brownie. 

Luckily, I had packed a separate salad from WholeFoods ahead of time, so I ate that while chatting to my seat mate. However, my experience with WestJet only seem to get worse after that – because the staff apparently didn’t bother with garbage collection until well after the meal. I was a little ticked by the lack of efficiency and got up to give them the tray myself so I could use the washroom and not deal with it later.

Then after I came back from the washroom my seat mate told me that they’d only began collecting trash because I’d complained.

Oh, how nice to know.

Then a couple hours later – we were served another ‘meal’ except, it couldn’t be hardly called that – apple slices and a piece of banana bread ? Really?

Not exactly what I was looking forward to eating.

Horrible food experience and timing onboard aside, the flight experience itself was good. But would I do it again for the cheap fare and horrible food? Most likely not, especially when their European rival Norwegian Air offers more pleasant experience with more competitive offerings.


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