The verdict of vacationing in my own city

The verdict of vacationing in my own city:

It’s bloody not worth it.

I was booked for 2 nights, yet I only stayed for one. I checked out early even though there wasn’t refund since in order to get the refund I’d need to give them 24 hours notice.

So what happened?

In short, I checked into the hotel wanting to relax – but then everything is a constant reminder that I’m still in my own city. People spoke with the same accent as I did and then I looked around and realized the people vacationing there were either very old people or foreign couples who’d decided to come to my side of the world. I couldn’t exactly find what was charming enough that they’d come – there’s no old world history, or in my opinion, no history that went past over two hundred years and for me, that is distressing.

I went out to lunch at WholeFoods alone and began listening to people talking around me. Though I understood them perfectly, I had wish I didn’t understand them – might that make their conversations more interesting? Their plans? Where to go?

It wasn’t exactly interesting – then I finished my meal and I realized I didn’t have anything that really interested me – except for maybe shopping – except then I reminded myself I’ll be over in Berlin soon enough and I could always do that there – so that was out of the question.

What to do?

In the end, I went back to my hotel disappointed and slept then next morning checked myself out early because I preferred my own bed at home.

I began to think if it wasn’t for my parents being in this city – then I have 0 business of being here.

I thought about Europe, I thought about my current plan.

I thought about September and beyond.

This city is dead to me.


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