Taking a vacation in your own city

It’s May the 16th, and I’ve wrapped up at work 20 hours ago, rushed home, celebrated by sleeping and waking up at 3 AM to pack – then I’m out the door at 6 AM – pretending to be headed off to the airport so I can hop on an early train and head for the hotel that I booked for myself.

You may ask…why exactly are you doing this?

Well, I wanted to do one more thing before I give this city the death sentence.

I wanted to know what do tourists see when they head to my city?

Due to the amount of ‘glowing’ reviews I’ve received, I really wonder if its really because I needed a new perspective on things.

So why not move yourself some 1 hour away from your actual residence and live on the other side of town for a bit and see if that shakes up perspectives and reveal some new insight?

Though, I have to say, I don’t have much expectations that this 2 days excursion would change my opinion of the city. But perhaps, meeting some foreigners and seeing how they see my city would change my opinion.

Other than that. I’m excited for my upcoming trip back to Europe.



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