You are what you work on

Work is undoubtedly one of the most important ingredients in life. After all, whether we like it or despise it, we all have to produce something of value, or worthwhile enough to earn our keep. After all, as economists like to say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” – nothing in this world is free – so whether you like it or not, there will be time devoted to work – and for most of us – that time is going to occupy a high percentage of your day, and overtime, that will be a large portion of your life.

So, if you have something that you’d need to spend a large amount of hours on, essentially, this “work” then becomes “you”.

Recently, I spoke with 2 friends who were both very happy with their recent accomplishments. On both occasions, it was something to definitely celebrate. One of my friend passed her Literature exam with flying colors, while the other got into Medical school.

I was happy for them, albeit, introspectively, I began to worry – because here I was and what I was doing didn’t exactly resonate with me at all – sure I’m being compensated at a rate that is better than most – still, if you asked me if I was proud of my work or if I enjoyed my work, you’d probably get static silence from me.

“I made X in 10 days, yay me.” Except, I didn’t sound enthusiastic.

“I worry about you.” Said one of my friends, out of genuine concern, not too long ago.

And I wondered if it was because I told him I disliked almost 95% of my current situation and couldn’t wait to get out – or if it was because his calling came easy for him.

He was following his parents’ footsteps, easy peasy.

Me on the other hand – though I have a vague idea what I want my day to day to look like, I still haven’t laid down the blueprint, let alone put in the work and I know that because after a long day’s work I find myself falling to excuses.

I simply don’t want to – because of ABCDEFG reasons.

Then the next morning, it’s back to what I was doing the day before and afterwards, I despise myself – because I’m nowhere closer to my ultimate goals I’d set for myself.

I’d realized that in 2 weeks that I’ve been back.

What it means to really “work” versus, staying “busy” and getting paid.

I’ve realized what it means to be back, but for better for worse that’s no reason to be “held back”.

There’s always going to be work deadlines.

Work deadlines aren’t going to stop because you have new ambitions you want to pursue.


I have deadlines that need to be dealt in the next couple of days.

And I have deadlines that also need to be dealt with in a couple of months.

But unlike times before, you now know that completing work deadlines is not a moment to celebrate.

If it’s anything, it’s the reward of a school bell – meaning you finally have time to devote to yourself and your own improvements.


Remember to use your time wisely – especially those that are free from the directions of another.


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