Learning things the hard way

You got to let go.

You got to let go of things that no longer motivates you.

You got to let go of things that no longer challenges you.

You got to let go of things that no longer grows you.

It doesn’t matter what those things are – but when something in your life loses its time and place – no matter how hard it is to part with – it is time to let go.

Everything has its time and place – and everything has its purpose – however, it does not mean that the purpose is indefinite or that one could not change their minds.

Life is integral.

Life is what you make of it.

Life is learning to swim with and against the current.

Life is obstacles and rewards.

Life is moving on, moving forward, moving to the next level.

I’m writing this after two days back – it is clearer than ever the situation. I cannot stay where I am – physically, mentally and emotionally, for my head is elsewhere completely.

To be completely honest, I went back to my hometown to gear up for my next adventure and that’s about it.

I’d thought to myself, ‘wow, you’re just going to sleepwalk through the next 20 days…’

It’s a scary thought because “sleepwalking” meaning you’re simply going through the motions without much inherent purpose and that’s something I’m striving to stop altogether. Truth be told, I know it isn’t going to be easy and there were going to be setbacks but I’m more than glad to deal with them, for I don’t belong physically, mentally, emotionally.

I can sleepwalk for 20 days.

But I’d prefer it if I wasn’t asleep for the rest of my life.

You got let to go.

You got to go.


5 thoughts on “Learning things the hard way

  1. It takes a brave heart and focused mind to make the ends meet. It can be done by accepting things about which you cannot do anything, executing things which you can do something about and being persistent until it is all done.

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