How much work can you expect to do while traveling?

This is my life recently. In and out of airports. Seeing friends, socializing, making new ones. I’ve been doing this little experiment while on the road. Just how much work can I do while I’m also traveling?

So far I’ve found out that, without a concrete plan, your productivity would be very low.

There will be technical difficulties.

Like calling into a conference and hearing, “we’re sorry, the number you’ve just dialed is not in service.” even though on the other side of the world, your colleagues faces no such problem.

Then there’s the tempting notion that you should be out there exploring a new city rather than sitting down and taking care of your email communications. Or you know, try not to give the answer: “I was working all day in Starbucks.” when your friend asked you what you did for the day…

Because apparently these are the two holiday sins to an European:

1. Starbucks

2. Working

Or maybe its because my friend believes that I should be trying authentic coffee houses in her city rather than something one could get anywhere and of course, ‘working’, working more than you have to is apparently a very dodgy concept – “Why would anyone work more than they have to?”

I don’t know?

Maybe that’s a part of the reason why I’m trying to do what I do.

Not because I particularly enjoy waking up at 5am to get to the airport. But, for what it is – I do enjoy switching it up more often than not. As I walked through the majestic city of Vienna the other day – I realized that I learn more in 2 weeks away, than 5 years in the same place – this intuitive notion is something I can’t scientifically prove -as at times, being in one place also provides inspirations – however, not as much.

So in the end, everything ends up looking like a production possibility frontier.


Inspiration vs. Productivity.



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