The true meaning of: “enjoy every second”

And so today is a new day – yesterday is gone.

I expressed myself to a friend and she recommended me a short story to read. The whole thing took about an hour for me to read, switching in-between Facebook chats and the story. I’ve come to appreciate how small and insignificant we are – and how some small and insignificant things can hurt so much.

Saying get over it is easy.

But actually getting over it is a different story.

You could say a few days ago – there was a certain news that served as a wakeup call and shoved me back to face the question:

“Just what are you doing with your life?”

“Just where do you want to be?”

I still can’t tell you 100% what the end results would be, but I’m at least 100% sure that I have the tools to make it so.

So until then. I’m going to enjoy every second of it, since being anything but ‘awesome’ is a grand waste of time.



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