What am I doing here?

Life is a journey. It’s never about the place you find yourself in, if you know where you’re going to next.

I’d scribbled this down in a journal while sitting on a train. After stopping by in various European cities again, I’d began to understand this concept. It isn’t about where you are in life – as there is a common denominator in the way of life no matter which continent, which country, which city you find yourself in. However, what can be distinguished is your ambitions and desires – what can be distinguished is your desire to be somewhere, and how that plays into your personal growth.

Everyday is a journey. Everyday is a lesson.

You’ll never know how much you could handle until you’re caught in the situation.

Life is about moving forward.

Life is about managing disappointments and soldiering on.

Life is also about doing all those things that scare you and not playing it safe.

Life is about savouring the moments.

Life is about following intuitions.

Life is about being open to opportunities.

There are times where I’m scared and I doubt, times I’d rather pull the cover over my head and wish everything away – but then I tell myself – where is the fun in that?

Already on this trip, there are times I think it would be so much easier if I just stayed in North America but then, I also wouldn’t have realized things as I realize them now – or be as willing to work for things as I am now.



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