Why you should never do anything that you don’t believe in.

Recently, I wrapped up on a project I can’t say I did a good job on. Yes. It was riddled with discomfort from the beginning. Why? I should’ve never felt that ‘I had to’ because of XYZ and most of all, because I thought it’d be ‘easy picking’, get it done and then I get to go on vacation.

It turned out, my gut instinct was right.

I should’ve never picked something just because it was ‘easy’.

Not even midway through the project, I was absolutely bored by it, and cannot wait to be done with everything. Not only that, the boredom only reaffirms that my working on the project had no bigger contribution to the grander scheme of meaning. It wasn’t adding meaning, nor enjoyment to my life. Though one could argue, the compensation I received for the work should be enough incentive. Yes. It was enough incentive to pickup the project. To enjoy the process was another thing entirely.

Nitpick-y micromanaging superiors and people who self rank themselves higher than everyone else were just a few of the obstacles I had to deal with. I was told to ‘behave’ accordingly to their strict set of standards or else. Yeah…

At the end of the day, was it worth it?

Absolutely not.

I should’ve went with my initial gut instinct and turned down the offer at the first meeting. Alas. Let this be another lesson learned.

Never do anything you don’t believe in 100%.


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