Do yourself a favor: take more risks rather than settle

Let’s think about this. If humanity was satisfied from day one – then we would’ve stood still at day one. Possibly, we’d still be in loincloths with rocks and clubs…

Fortunately, the world doesn’t work that way.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t all hunky dory either.

The world is filled with obstacles, challenges, distractions – the world is filled with failures and triumphs, passion and heartbreaks.

That is life.

With that said, I realized my recent mini-panic about my ending contracts and moves I should be making in the next few month was a little unfounded. And here’s why, partially:

  1. It’s easy to find work, if you’re willing to work just any job. 

But, then, who wants to just work ANY job? At least I don’t. What got me was the prospects of working just any job and wasting time that way, like I had done in the past. Working JUST ANY JOB is a post in itself, but unsurprisingly, without putting my thoughts down on paper, I already know that the cons outweigh the pros. No matter how much I made, I’d feel that wasn’t a justification for wasting my life. And of course, the motivation of being here is lower than ever.

So what did I do?

There’s no way I will work, JUST ANY JOB.

I decided, I’m not going to sell myself short and explore other options. Trust me, when you start looking for them, they pop up everywhere. Is it possible to find a minimal stress contract while I work on other things? Yes. Absolutely. In my experience, it isn’t necessary to get all worked up over if you’re putting in 30 hours, or 40 hours a week, or if the office environment is fostering, or if your coworkers are inspiring people – if you have minimal responsibilities such as debt, mortgage, or a family to take care of – then I suggest, put less care into whatever you hate doing, and more energy in what invigorates you.

And remember. A job is just as says – a job.

It doesn’t own you.

And you owe nothing to no one.


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