How to be a better version of yourself: start with learn to be alone

Figuring out how you know it’s time to move on is one thing, then there is completely another thing – how do you figure out what remains stable in your life? I’ve been discussing this with my friend from Vienna, whom I both admire and respect.

We share similar values and are often perplexed by the same things about human nature and the way of the world.

We thrive to analyze and understand.

And through our discussions which can range from ‘what’s the meaning of life’ to ‘omgurrr!!! dat hottie over thur tho’ – yes see how much we oscillate between intellectual discussions to …let’s just say…spazztastic fangirling. But to go back on topic, recently we put our brains together and came down with a basic list of activities that fosters happiness, which in my opinion is the foundation of anything else you pursue thereafter.

  1. Health

    Here I’m talking about physical health. As human beings there are various factors that contribute to our physical health, genes and environment. Since genes are innate and unchangeable for the most part – then one should focus on the factors one could control, such as diet/exercise/rest. There are many reasons to pursue diet/exercise, but one must have a non-superficial attitude about this pursuit in order to be successful. It’s no coincidence diet/exercise industry is a billion dollars industry and gyms can charge a lot of money for membership fees – but is that really what you need? How many people have gym memberships and don’t actually go? Or have salads in the fridge but still go for fast food after work? Again. The focus of health has been promoted as something that starts with achieving an ideal goal. But should it really be like that? No. Health shouldn’t be about looking good on the outside – but rather, it should come from within. And when it does – going out for a run outside, or doing body weight exercises on the playground, or any other free activity would seem as valid and as motivating than the $50/month gym membership. With this said, I’m cancelling my membership at my gym at the end of this month.

  2. Books

    So now that you have physical health to support you in your endeavors. What else do you need? Vast collection of knowledge, not stored on the internet, but in your head. If you need to figure out who you are and where you’re headed – it’s recommended to draw inspiration from those that come before you, so you’ve explored, even if vicariously from the lives of another. Even if the times are different, one could draw inspiration from similarities and commonalities shared by people.

  3. Passion

    Lastly, there needs to be something, or many things that excite you and challenges you at the same time. There needs to be things that drives you, that perplexes you and makes you want to achieve new heights. I recently realized that there’s something truly scary about settling, because not only do you not get any better at anything but it also means you’ll never reach your true potential – whatever that true potential is.

And there you have it, a short summary of everything after food/shelter and safety have been met. How to become a better version of yourself and how to figure out who you really are.


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