Why you need to get out and explore

I’m a believer that ‘exploration’ is monumental in personal growth and development. And by ‘exploration’ I don’t mean take a vacation for a change of scenery. Whilst changing your physical location will certainly help with discovery, creativity, and the learning process, but what can you do when taking yourself to the nearest airport is not an option?

I summarized exploration comes in different forms, which I’ve classified into the five spheres of exploration (so hopefully, one will never be bored):


The most apparent of all forms, it involves physically being somewhere in order to ‘experience’ through the senses and discover something new through reflection.


You don’t have to leave your house to explore and see the world, or reflect – there’s world within worlds offered in books, or even articles. One could draw upon ideas from thousands of years ago, or articles published just last month. Especially now with the help of one of the most powerful tools in the universe, the internet is a great place to set off exploring things you’d like to learn.


An often overlooked form of exploration, we humans are social creatures, we need other people in our lives for support and social nourishment. While one could live alone in solitude, I’d estimate that’s only a small portion of society. We seek out those similar to us in order to connect and this is a healthy thing to do.


How many emotions can one experience in a lifetime? That question is probably best answered by Google, or via Quora or Reddit. However, since we’re talking about exploration, experiences and how to explore all that is around you – I want to point out that emotional exploration is also important. How many emotions can you feel? What about those that you cannot describe with words? You tell me.


And at last, spiritual, this has nothing to do with religion, as one does not have to ascribe to religion to be spiritual. Spirituality is something that is personal and in my personal experience, deals more with philosophy than anything else. I’m a believer that we’re ‘free’, free to believe and behave, therefore, it is all the more important for me to come up with codes which I follow – and this again is something one must discover for themselves.


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