I’m on a money diet

I hate worrying. Worrying is not productive. Worrying is probably the least productive thing you could do.

While working out my budget for this year, I realized that I can’t be too ‘laxed’ with my spending.

Yes, so the story is, after I came back to the new job with the plan to fuel up the bank account then get out, again. That plan hasn’t changed. What had changed however, was the frequency in which I find myself doing so – this is for personal reasons, as well as professional reasons.

So trip(s) plural planned. I need to watch my spending.

I’m a fan of minimalism.

Case and point, I haven’t shopped for anything other than food (since I came back), which is already a good start. However, I do see myself splurging on nonessentials – i.e: going out for lunch, drinks, and so on and so forth. And not so surprisingly those things add up. While I’m up to date with everything as far as my finances are concerned, I do like to stay out of the red and in the green. So. That said. I’m imposing a money challenge for myself.

Not spending a penny for the next two weeks.

We’ll see how that goes.


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