How I unconsciously quit Instagram (for now).

It was the other day, when I was rushing through my day, I realized, something wasn’t popping up on the top of my phone. No notifications other than emails? That’s odd. Then I realized. I had logged out of Instagram that one night and haven’t gone back on since.

Then life went on.


It’s true that social media has grown exponentially in the past ten years, and now we have all forms of it, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Vine etc. you name it – it’s like a never ending share-athon of ideas and information. There’s of course entertainment value to be had from Social Media, but increasingly, there’s a pressure for young people, or even professionals to keep up with the ‘Social Media’ game.

“Are you on SnapChat? Twitter?”

Say no and expect a look of disappointment from the person who’d just asked you the question, and feel a sense of FOMO – am I missing something out by not being on those platforms?

Cue to downloading the app and trying it out for yourself, then spending hours on it.

But the point is, I fail to keep up either way.

Instagram is one of my favourite apps – it is always highly inspirational to see what my favourite photographers are doing on that app and highly inspirational to see sights from all over the world – however, now, that I am not traveling – I have 0 new content to contribute and 0 inspirations – rather than sobbing over a case of FOMO, I logged out to focus on the present – which currently requires more time and energy than I have to expend.

Between your professional life and your personal life, there is now a third ‘life’.

Your ‘social media life’, your ‘digital footprint’, ‘virtual persona’ – does it really reflect who you are as a person? Somewhat. But that’s a topic for another time. Currently, I only have time for ‘professional life’ anything personal is kept to a minimum and anything virtual is virtually nonexistent.



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