The unlikely job offer that I turned down…

Recently, I was offered a job.

This job however was not like all the other jobs which I’d been offered.

Geographically speaking, this was very different because this job is located close to one of my favourite cities in Europe.

Yes, Europe.

At first I was ecstatic of course, who in the right mind wouldn’t want to go work in Europe (where they’re constantly surrounded by beautiful architecture, great culture, history and people) but after the excitement died down, I started a little number crunching game with a side of Googling my potential employer. So is this all feasible?

First things first, I realized this relocation call was abrupt, not to mention with all that I have planned for myself in the next three months, it is difficult for me to jump right in with the offer, not only that, there’s no telling where I will be, not to mention want to be in 6 months time. What if I suddenly change my mind and jet off to Australia or Thailand?

Of course, it’d be a great experience. However, could I really see myself commit to it?

The answer came down to ‘no’, I couldn’t commit, especially with this contract lockdown that’ll make me feel like a failure if I bail half way. I just couldn’t see myself commit to a position that I don’t believe in 120%, and when I thought about it, the only good parts of this was the location itself but that’s about it. And I know, while it is great that I get to be there, I have other ideas on how to get there, and for what reasons I should stay.

I should move to a new place because I genuinely have purpose, rather than move because that’s the best option outside of worst case scenarios.

All in all, this is a signal in the right direction. However, a move itself would be premature.


3 thoughts on “The unlikely job offer that I turned down…

  1. I have been in similar dilemma for the last 2-3 weeks and I have two offers to choose from and to negotiate with my present employer to relieve me and couple of other things pertaining to pay, location, ease of life and work pressure. I can understand what you are trying to say. Well I can sense all your thoughts and connect to them.

    In the end, I have only one thing to say –
    “Your heart always somehow knows what you need, so do what your heart says, listen to it in the most calm moment and you are good to go !”

    Happy Times. All the best ! Cheers !

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