Travel Hack: Book 2 one way ticket instead of round trip!

I dont mean to brag but

I don’t mean to brag, but I sort of also do. What you’re looking at is an one way transatlantic ticket, booked at the decisive moment by yours truly. I don’t know about you, but when I saw that price, a non-stop flight too, I thought many…many things.

One of them was, damn, that’s practically free!

And of course, ‘take my money, take my money right now!!!’

$214 wouldn’t even cover half the cost of this leather jacket I have my eyes on…less than the price of an unlocked iPhone 5s…less than going out for two weekends…less than a lot of things. But look at this, London is now officially happening! How fun!!

This is the first time of me booking an one way ticket (gasp!) and I have never done that before…cause I always thought I return at a set date ‘x’, however, booking only one leg of the journey gives me unimaginable freedom over when, and where I chose to return from.

Not only that, this open flight also opens my mind up for different ideas. Should I go to Germany, get a job and apply for a work visa when I get there? Or should I go do some extended volunteering work somewhere in Europe? Should I go rent an apartment somewhere and figure it out for the duration of my stay? Should I flock to where my friends are and where my interests lie? The possibilities are endless. And it’s so freeing to have them be so endless.

So take away point: say fuck it, and go do it!


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