Adulting: you’re doing it wrong

I came home and there’s nothing to eat.

So naturally, I looked in the fridge. To my dismay, all the pizza pockets are gone (gasp!) and all that’s left are old frozen spaghetti dinners (from god knows when) and some IKEA meatballs I’d picked up from last time. Without further ado, it was tear off the top of the frozen spaghetti box and dump in half a box of meatballs, then zap it in my dying microwave. Take it out…realize it’s still frozen. Then nuke it again.

Ah, fancy dinner, with extra ketchup added to mask the flavor of my fridge.

The entire thing tasted like ketchup, washed down with late night coffee.

Healthy. Not in the least bit.

And the saddest part is – this isn’t even because I’m on a budget.

Nah, it’s all due to poor planning.

I could’ve made meals had I planned ahead of time, then I would’ve had homemade meals to zap instead. Oh well. This sadness prompts me to do better with food in the future, no matter how much I hate grocery shopping and meal planning. How am I supposed to know what I want or don’t want to eat a week in advance??

Still. This is major adult-ing, I’m doing it wrong.

Must rectify.

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