Why are you busy all the time?

“Cultivating a relationship with myself. Working on getting out of here. What else is new.”

To be frank, I was glad this exchange took form digitally. The answer I received back was less intelligent than one of those kik robots who spams users periodically. I ignored the reply and went back to doing what I was doing before.

It’s pointless.

He could not comprehend why I was doing what I was doing.

And I could not comprehend how he was wasting his time.

But hey, I guess that’s just life.

We all have different things we want, different things we aspire to be.

While all of my friends agree that I’m independent, intelligent and an overall badass. I find myself with less and less time speaking to whiny blokes with no exit strategy from their own miseries.

“Why are you so busy all the time?”

“I’m busy because I’m carving a way out. I’m struggling because things are far from ideal, because, if I don’t get out, I’ll just off myself. Yes, it’s that bad. You don’t get it because you’re not me. Just focus on your god damn own life.”

And that’s why I don’t have time.

Typing out all of that would’ve taken too long.

Closing the browser was the better choice.


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