Travel Hack: make traveling affordable for yourself

When you see a good travel deal, do you buy or do you often find yourself say: “But I don’t have $3000 in the bank for that vacation!” or, “I can’t put another $3000 on the credit card to afford that!”

But the problem is, you still want to travel, what to do?

I recently had a look at my credit card statement and realized I’d done something that’s arguably clever. I organized everything in parts.

January 25: book with Norwegian, flying out of L.A for $700
January 26: book connecting flights between European cities with Norwegian/EasyJet/AirBerlin: $300
January 26: reserve other hotels that I don’t have to pay for until arrival for $500
—- January: $1000

So for my January statement, I was only charged $1000 of the otherwise $1500 amount. I’ve paid back the $1000 in full and is now setting aside $500, so there would be no surprises upon arrival (and of course, if I could put away more than $500 it’d be even better. I’m personally aiming to put away $1000 just for safety.) And after I do that, the only thing I’ll have to worry about is food and entertainment and transit costs, which never amount to much.

So there you go, a quick tip. Never pay in full if it’s too overwhelming. Break it into chunks and travel!



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