If you know you can do better, then always do better!

And if you know you could be more effective some other way, then always choose the most effective option.

Or at least that’s what I find myself doing in terms of decluttering these days.

Decluttering – in other words, in preparation for better productivity and workflow in order to deliver spectacular personal projects I’ve been putting off since eons ago.

  1. Minimize time wasters – such as the daily commute, I’m really no fan of wasting time, as of late unless I’m heading to work, I really don’t see the point in heading out per se. And if I’m heading to work, or heading back from work, I can usually run my errands, that’s the beauty of North America I find, everything opens until late, and everything opens on Sundays (hah, whereas in Germany, good luck!) I can get things done in odd hours.
  2. Friends who ask me to club – forget it.
  3. Dates – LOL…2busy. I don’t have time for boys. And quite frankly, I don’t care for them 99.99%. also shamelessly looking forward to a scheduled date some thousands of miles away…sometimes in the near future
  4. Setting up proper workspace – a trip to IKEA, necessary.
  5. Update work gear- a trip to Apple store, might be necessary.
  6. Deal damage to my wallet…yes, check.
  7. On the road to become a massive nerd who eats pizza pockets and stays in all the time? Yep. Already in the making.

That said, time to go update my personal finance spreadsheet to see where I’m sitting at. #adultresponsibilities #urdoinitrite …


2 thoughts on “If you know you can do better, then always do better!

  1. Ugh I am afraid point 1 of your post reminded me exactly what I am doing, scrolling through blogs while I should be finishing up my work so I can go home = time waster!! Time to be more effective, thanks for the reminder!! (and I love the picture)

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