nothing is impossible: you’re just lazy

Ah, Happy Valentine’s Day!

By the time this post is posted, I’ll be at work. It won’t be what I would like to do, but in the spirit of Valentine’s day, I’ll put my heart into it and hope for the best, because I know, when I come home, that’s where the fun begins.

Me + Laptop = True Love.

No, I don’t mean Netflix n Chill.

After I announced that something good will be happening in 120 days – spoiler alert, I said enough is enough and decided that I need to finally put an end to my laziness and finally, build a standalone site.

Not just a wordpress blog.

But a personal site, with my own visions realized in design and functionalities – and I have 120 days to build it. Oh yes. And how am I going to do that?


All in all, thank Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee for the internet!


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