I have big plans, and 120 days to do it!

Recently, I began an endeavour that absolutely absorbed my attention.

It was after dinner around 6pm when I opened up the project folder and started working on the project.

And now…hours later, I’m still absorbed by the same project…

To the point that all my social media activities stopped and I was in the ‘zone’.

This definitely doesn’t happen often, even when I write I backspace to edit and erase. Nothing’s ever in the zone, but for hours, I went back and forth on in focus, progressing through tutorials like I was doing an all nighter on ‘Sims’ back in the day, when I really should be writing my term paper.

I’ve come to realize that, this is a skill I had long planted the seed for, but never cultivated, but I’d always had the enthusiasm for it. So now, I’m finally putting in the work.

120 days, 4 months, is not a lot of time. However, I know what’s at stake – even if I could pull off half of my own expectations, then I’m already half way there.

You know what’s at stake?



What you’ve always wanted.

So don’t fuck this up.
(no sweat, game on.)


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