The only way to make things happen is to…

Work for it.

It’s no trick, no gimmick.

If you want to make things happen, or just simply get better, gain more experience in some field you’re interested in, simply jump in and start working on it. While it’s great that most of us has this idea where we want to be, and what to do, reality often falls short of imagination especially in a field you’re not exactly familiar with.

I’m writing this post after a photoshoot around the city with a friend. It all started with an idea, then it rolled into, okay let’s go take some pictures for her project. And so there it went, the first shoot with a model which took half a day and the post processing took me deep into the night.

Of course, I ran into technical issues while on the shoot. Photography, at least when we look at a finished product, we think, oh nice picture. However, the process is way more complicated than that. And yesterday, I only had my camera, a subject, and a city backdrop – that’s it.

I had to get creative, I had to improvise.

But in the end, after a day’s work that melted into the night – it really didn’t feel like work at all. And because I ran into difficulties, I have better appreciation of photography and I’m curious than ever to how to resolve those issues to become better as a hobbyist photographer – how to produce a better looking image.

So how do you make things happen?

  1. Ask for it – if you want to do something, ask for it, even if you have to ask 1,000 people and only 3 says yes, that’s your start.
  2. Prepare for it – I did location scouting the day before, and went to look at accessories in store to prepare for the shoot, of course recharge your camera and clean your equipment is crucial, since no camera, no memory card, means no result.
  3. Work for it – this is, if not the most crucial part. No one can make you into ‘anything’ if you don’t want it for yourself. In my experience, when I’m extremely interested in something, that’s when I don’t cut corners or smart ass my way out of it…(and when I smart ass my way out of things, that’s when I know I’m only putting in 25% of effort, and getting 50% of the results…it works with some things, but all in all, it’s mostly a waste of time and I try to limit the tasks where I only put in 25% of effort…because that’s not a way to live life.)

So there you have it, some take away points of life, from a photoshoot!



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