If you’re not satisfied with the results, get back and take another shot

I run away at every chance I get. (There’s a reason.)

I don’t even care anymore. (There’s a reason.)

It’s by no mistake that I’m more alive when I’m away. (There’s also a reason for that.)

Recently I realized, there’s only so many chances that should be given since your time is limited – if you’re going to write a place off altogether, it’s better to just distance yourself from that place and all of its BS altogether.

Just say ‘no’.

You don’t care. You never did. So why bother pretending you do now.

You’re not on the same reality as those around you, and that’s okay – because there’s a number of people that understands you on the other side of the world. They understand you despite not sharing the same background. You might ask yourself how fucked up is that – but shit happens – what’s more fucked up is not doing anything about it, not seeking it out.

If you see an opportunity, even a glimmer of hope, you should pursue it.

The worst of it would disappointment. Disappointment never killed. But how many people died with their dreams unrealized is probably far too many.

There’s still people that makes you excited and make you smile. That’s a good sign. It means they mean something to you. And for that ‘meaning’ you’re trying to seek, you’re better off seeking it – because ultimately, it means something to you.


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