Adjustment period over, settled for now…

A housekeeping post more or less for Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

Recently: I went on a date. I thought I’d try. It was…a date. And it was a NOPE. (Or you can have the long version. He was nice. I wasn’t interested. He said he’s after hook-ups. I still wasn’t interested. Conversation’s nice, going out and doing stuff is nice…no attraction. Nice.)

Today: another person told me that I was born on the wrong continent. Thanks, that made me smile and might be all the push I need. This person, I want to go on a date with.

Currently: I’m listening to Ellie Goulding – On My Mind (because ‘you’re on the wrong continent’ is indeed on my mind and because I might’ve rediscovered Ellie Goulding because of that certain someone…sadly we’re on different continents, oh if life was easy…)

For dinner: I had a burrito and chips…I need to remind myself not to eat junk food just because I’m tired and head to the gym early tomorrow morning then breeze through work.

So yes, this is me settling in. Keep an eye out for more mundane things, such as fitness goals/plans and creative projects coming soooon!


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