Things I would’ve done differently on my trip, if I were to do it again.

And so to beat the PTBS (post travel blues syndrome) I went looking through footage I took in Europe and from it, I can see why I did not collect enough useable footage, despite having accumulated around 50 GB worth of material (that’s quite a lot of pictures/video footage). The first thing I noticed was that, I was perhaps too ambitious with my 3-4 days / city plan, especially if that 3-4 days / city plan was a free flowing type of plan that had 0 pre-thought and pre-planning to it. My 3-4 days / city plans were also interrupted with other ‘fun’ activities, like hanging out with friends in cafes and bars, going to events and club type of activities – these activities while fun, compressed actual shooting time even further. And looking through the photos, I concluded:

  1. Time spent in a city
  2. Pre-planning
  3. Weather conditions/Environment/how you improvise
  4. Collaborative efforts

Are all factors to consider when you visit a city for creative endeavors.


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