Niet koud genoeg: Not cold enough

Earlier, I was talking to a Dutch friend, she went on to inform me that it was snowing in The Netherlands.

Frosty 0 degrees.

Then I looked outside my window.

“It isn’t here. Niet koud genoeg.” I wrote back, after remembering I learned the words on Duolingo recently, but not exactly in that order, and I had no idea if the grammar or structure were right.

It turns out, I was right.


But what’s the real moral of the story?


I wasn’t afraid of getting it wrong and looking ridiculous because so. My main point was to communicate and to get better at a language. Because I realize, the best way to retain information is to incorporate the new pieces of information into daily activity, and thus making it relevant to you, ie: think babies and babbling.

And then I thought, I need to do more of this stumbling and learning. Make mistakes and get corrected for them. Because here’s another thing I realized. Whenever I do something ‘right’, I don’t go question why I did something right. I’ll more likely to hurry to task #2. But if I make a mistake, I’ll have to go back and pay more attention to the task and retry, hence deepening the connection. Such is true in any skill one is trying to acquire.

Hence, mistakes are not to be penalized and avoided.

Mistakes are to be embraced for the sake of learning.



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