That spark you lack is a lack in imagination.

It’s been a busy week back and it’s been a win and loss.

What I’m starting to realize is that as long as I have a proper creative outlet, a space to express myself, I can be quite alright in my day to day. Of course, a little more organization would be nice too. For one, I still have to develop a morning regime for this job and stick it. In my mind this looks something like hitting the gym in the morning, where I blow off some steam and strengthen my cardiovascular system, then it’s heading off to a favourite cafe for some quiet time and coffee, then work.

That sounds like a good start of a work day doesn’t it? Cue to trying it out next week and see how that goes.

What I did manage to develop in the past week is scheduling duolingo time on the commute – yes, what better way to shut the world out and just learn a different language so you could perhaps speak some broken form of the target language the next time you find yourself in a foreign land? I find it better than staring out the bus window, or scrolling through Facebook feed for the 95th time that morning, or obsessively checking other social media outlets.

Then by the time I get to work, I’d be properly refreshed.

And speaking of work, if I overlook the flaws most would consider minor, then it really isn’t all that bad. What I learned at work this week is that sometimes I just need to stay calm and execute the plan as is and trust that it’ll all work out. If not then I’ll go back and rework and revamp. Everything’s a learning experience when you’re doing something you’re interested in and want to get better at. The thing I like about my current job is its growth potential. And what I’m getting from this week is that 1. my standards might be way over the top…and set way too high, 2. everything’s a learning experience, the worst thing to do is to not at least try.


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