Work: the silver-lining to this all

So, I might’ve had a major freak out yesterday over my new work place, and the place I find myself in currently. However, I knew I had to make some sort of peace with everything, or else I’ll drive myself insane without getting anywhere. So, today, with no expectations I went to work – and here’s a thing I realized one thing I did enjoy about work.

I’m learning new things.

A new company, a new culture = new ways to do things. Even if those things are something you already knew how to do. However, it really doesn’t hurt to try a different way to go about it, just to see how it could work from someone else’s perspective. Of course, having knowledgable superior is always a plus. I might not vibe with my coworkers much, but I vibe with my immensely knowledgable superior very much and getting feedback and injections of ideas are always welcome in my books.

So for what it is, I will utilize my time wisely and get the most out of it while I’m still ‘stuck’ so to speak.



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