I officially need to MOVE…

Haul ass and just go, as far as possible.

Yes, so, new year, new plan, new job, new coworkers, new….oh wait no…not exactly. It might be new faces, but somehow the pace which things are done, the disorganization, the lack of standards on their part, the lack of interest, lack of connection, lack of me wanting to even make an effort on my part.

I thought first impressions could be wrong, I thought I was still jet lagged and disoriented, except not.

I dislike my coworkers right off the bat.

I dislike the fact that I have to dumb myself down or to appear especially ‘engaged’ at work and ‘sociable’. I hate the fact that it is assumed that everyone is assumed to be ‘settled’ in whatever stages of their lives and content. And most frustrating: common grounds, none found.

I thought I would have more time, I could buy myself more time until summer, until I’ve figured what I’m going to do – because usually, as in previous times, it takes around 3 to 4 months before the afterglow of traveling to wear off and I become agitated because I then can no longer stomach anymore of this general stupidity.

Alas, this time, honestly, right off the bat I stepped off the plane I knew it was a mistake, even with the job contract. However, I also knew I couldn’t stay in Europe, at least not yet, so I came back – and now I face the consequences of my actions…

And so, this new chapter written in the tunes of reverse-Psychology motivation begins.

I just hope I don’t lose my mind before I get out of here.


6 thoughts on “I officially need to MOVE…

  1. Hang in there.. I know how you feel. I’d like to say I’ve been there, but truth is I’m still there. I totally understand the frustration of feeling stuck. However, without sinking into despair, try to think of what you can do get out, and fast. Sending you positivity! x

    1. It really sucks. I thought it wouldn’t be like this with ‘new environment/new people’ alas, at least this is making me realize I need a clean and swift break ASAP. Thank you so much for your kind words and positive vibes. We’ll both figure it out soonish! 🙂

      1. Yes, something I used to keep telling myself. But sometimes you need bigger changes than new faces. I think of it as a way to reassess where I am, what I want and what I deserve.

        You’re so welcome, hun. I feel like were kindred spirits in many ways! Yes, here’s to us figuring it out sooner rather than later!

      2. Yes, and I used to wait for the place I am to change. Hoping that next year something exciting will happen and I’d want to be here. Not the case. I know I have yet to explore most of the world but from what I’ve seen already, the world is big, if one place doesn’t fit, there’s no harm in trying another 3, 5 or 10 places until you find your perfect fit. Also at this point in my life, aside from Europe, I’m also open for exploring South America since I’ve heard really good things about that continent, so the world is open, we just need to take chances 🙂

      3. Some of us are nomads at heart, and all we need to do is succumb. And that’s the good kinda succumb. I’d like to explore the world too, and yes, as you said chances must be taken. Life becomes pointless (in my opinion) otherwise.

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