First day back thoughts…

And so I survived my first day back…among other things. Now, after what it seems like forever, I’m back in the comfort of my own space at home. I can’t say that first day back is what I expected, though I half knew what to expect – new faces, new personalities, delays, scheduling changes, last minute this and that, and more administrative bloat, because that’s just standard, no matter where you are.

What I realized today is that, no matter how much the world around me flutters around in chaos, I always have one person to hold accountable for everything.


At least this is true in my spare time. I don’t have much a say in the efficacy / efficiency of work per se as that’s made up of many players, however at home, in my own time, I’m accountable for how I spend my time. And on the schedule tonight, aside from getting dressed again to go to the gym and pickup groceries and make at least enough food for the next three days…

So there we go.

First day officially back.

Very exciting :’)


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