Is your environment inspiring?

As I’m due to go back to work tomorrow, I took the liberty to get my house in order. As I’ve realized, there’s more to your productivity than just sitting down at your desk and working away. What I’ve realized is that when everything else in your immediate environment is chaotic, you need to prime yourself for success in your own space. You need to make your workspace somewhere you want to be, somewhere that inspires and reinforces the vision you want to create.


(image courtesy of Home Dzgn | Home Inspirations)

Hence, I recently made a trip to IKEA (yes, out of all places) to get some new furniture for my house, but nothing too drastic. I ended up upgrading to a better and brighter desk lamp (the same in the picture above) and a new wooden coffee table where I can place my laptop and work while sitting on the ground (because that’s how I roll at home) and finally some candles. All in all, I’m very pleased with the new additions to my workspace and will most likely be fixing it up more throughout the year this year.


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