My go to Airlines, and why I stick with them.

Norwegian and KLM are my go to, Norwegian for shorthaul and KLM for trans-atlantic. Then there’s Lufthansa following not too far behind with trans-atlantic, and of course Virgin comes not too far behind for domestic U.S travels. But my favourites will still be Norwegian and KLM.

Why is that?

Norwegian is the Airline with the lowest CO2 emission, read: their fuel-efficiency is #1 in the world, not to mention their complementary onboard wi-fi makes them a go to for an ever connected world. The Norwegian fleet is also the newest fleet in Europe, their seats are comfortable and equipped with more than adequate leg room, making them a definite go-to choice for your travels.

KLM, while not the greenest Airline out there, still ranks high on the fuel efficiency list – coming in at third according to the 2014 report by ICCT (International Council on Clean Transportation) while there’s no complementary inflight wi-fi, there is however three classes to choose from, world class service and delicious food that doesn’t taste like your typical ‘airplane’ food. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised recently when I was served a Beemster premium Gouda cheese on organic bread sandwich for breakfast on one of their short-haul flights. They really didn’t skimp out on the deliciousness. And of course, they’re all about switching up their menu and pleasing their customers. The staff are always extremely friendly as well. In addition, if you require more leg space and recline, do try their Economy Comfort seating upgrade, it’s well worth the money. I flew back by this option this time and was pleasantly surprised by the comfortable seating and because all of these seats are in the front of the plane, you’d enjoy earlier disembarking compared to the rest of the plane.


5 thoughts on “My go to Airlines, and why I stick with them.

  1. Very interesting choice. While I really like KLM, I’m also a fan of Lufthansa and Air Berlin as both didn’t disappoint me once. I think it’s also always a question of the network and the destinations of each airline. If I get to where I want for a good price and get a good service, an airline definitely wins for me 🙂

    1. What you said about network is very true. My favourite places to visit are in Northern Europe and Norwegian beats out SAS for those destinations. Lufthansa ranks lower on my priority list because of their poor fuel efficiency, however their safety is topnotch. I also do think there’s loyalty to an Airline after you’ve flown with them for a while, I mean I tried AirFrance this time round as well, and while they’re partnered with KLM, I still prefer KLM over AirFrance. Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. I can fully relate to you liking KLM more than AF even though it’s one company! It’s indeed all about the destinations. I think i need to try Norwegian a little more to see more amazing destinations in Northern Europe 🙂

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