Home is not what it used to be…

I missed my own bed, or so I thought. If there’s yet another thing to be said about traveling, is that you get used to be uncomfortable and you adjust accordingly. I thought I had missed my queen sized bed, the double duvets and countless amount of pillows and of course my own space. But in reality, I came home and thought: is that all there is? I’ve really outgrown this place haven’t I?

I need a new home base, pronto.

I could have the same setup, or even better setup anywhere else.

There the spark of imagination set off countless imageries of things to work for and towards.

The point is again, not settling, if you’re saying to yourself, ‘is that all there is?’ too often then it’s definitely time to work towards something new.

And so the second transient phase of the journey begins.

To bring everything from the imagination into reality.


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