21 days later, I’m so ready to go home

I’m currently sitting at an Airport waiting for my flight home, again without much sleep. However, I’m wide awake and writing down plans for the next six months. In addition, I’m not overtly emotional like I had been 5 years ago, going home seemed like torture, now however, circumstances have changed. Going home means recharging, putting plans into action and grasping my aspirations.

Like I had told the new friend who is more or less in the same boat as me, “Go home, recharge, do what you have to do, ignore the idiots, ignore everybody, like Cara Delevingne said, ‘Just do you.'”

Annoyance, anger, grief are distractions that take up brainpower that could be used on something else.

Start everyday on a good note and work hard because the days will pass by either way, and for your plans, you better hustle.


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