New day, new city!

Before the break of dawn today I was dragging my suitcase across the sleepy city of Utrecht and towards Utrecht Centraal destination Cologne, Germany. While this is more of an impulsive move than anything, I did always want to see the 2000 year old city of Cologne (which just happens to be Germany’s oldest city).

So off I go, 7:02 I set off on ICE International – what I noticed was that going somewhere by train was incredibly simple and fast, some thirty minutes later, I’d crossed over into Germany and by 9:12 I was in the city of Cologne.

Not only that, I’ve also noticed the public transportation system involving trains are so much more efficient, user friendly, and well thought out. For example, 6:30 am in Utrecht Centraal, a lot of the grab and go cafes are open and the fare offered there were much nicer compared to the choices that’d be available if it was North America.

Overall, I’m plenty impressed with how things work on this side of the world and needless to say, before even exploring this city I can say I will definitely come back another time, another season to see it again in another light.


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