New Year’s Resolution 2016, about that list…

Setting concrete goals = key to success. So to expand on the ideas I shared in Hello 2016 I felt the need to make this post to help me keep track of things and make them happen.

  1. Visit a new country: I recently realized I’ve been in 7 European nations, mostly in the North and in 2016, I would like to continue that trend and explore more – however this time, more in the central part of Europe – and of course, Spain, Czech Republic and Austria are high on my travel list.
  2. Take a photo everyday: I don’t mean selfie, I mean a snapshot that captures my day. No matter where I am, to capture the moment, savour the day, document the progression of life itself.
  3. Read, everyday: Rather than saying 52 books in 52 weeks, because I trust myself to push past that limit, hah, yes. I will read everyday and take a number of the books I complete this year.
  4. Redecorate my room: This is probably a goal I’m going to hit right away when I go home. I will redecorate my room. After seeing my friends’ apartments in Scandinavia (where the designs and aesthetics always resonate with me) I will give my room a facelift, the reason being, 2016 of course!
  5. Learn a new language: Como estas? Okay, I don’t mean Spanish, but it could be brushing up on it (and this ties in with traveling) language is like a key that opens up barriers. My love affair with Europe is not going to stop anytime soon, and every time I’m somewhere where the official language isn’t English. I’m a bit embarrassed that the natives have to switch to English to accommodate the English speaker in the group and not the other way around.

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